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Seth foster in Karate Pose

Seth Foster

Foster’s Fitness Co-founder & Karate expert
Seth's Motto:
“Have faith in yourself and stop standing in your own way!”

Seth, a 4th degree black-belt, has an amazing way of working with kids. He is dedicated to coaching students in the art of Karate and teaching life-long leadership skills. One of his goals is to create warriors. People who are strong and capable of battling the daily status quo with strength. Fitness goes hand-in-hand with Martial Arts, so that’s something that’s always been a part of his life-long training. When I was young, I wanted to be Luke Skywalker (Star Wars, you know from the good side of the force. When it comes to Martial Arts, as a Karate expert, teaching honor is more important that teaching skills. I spend so many years with my students that they become family. I see huge improvements in my students. It’s awesome to see the leaps and bounds progress that students make personally---in starting off as timid and weak or prone to aggression and learning how to become a strong leader and how to deal with people in a constructive manner.

Katie Foster on a Spartan Obstacle

Katie Foster

Fosters Fitness Co-Founder & Personal Trainer

Katies Motto:
“Whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right.”

What your identity is, what you believe-- matters. Start being kind to yourself. What is good—dream it, think it, believe it each day for 60 days and then change a habit. When I’m training my clients, I always encourage them to consider ways to implement healthy habits. It all starts with a mustard seed of faith. An artist has replicated a mustard seed painting on the entrance wall to my office. I remember this daily and want to encourage people to break through their own mental and physical limits; i.e. thinking ‘I’m too fat or I’m too old….instead “Break the boundaries and see what we can do together. It’s also important for me to know the name of every person who walks through our doors. I consider our members family and want them to know that the gym is more than a business to me, it’s a second home for us all.