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Expand your personal workout through our growing roster of fitness classes. There are options for all levels from newbie conditioning to advanced full-body workouts. Our instructors inspire you to meet your goals. Show up ready to stretch, break a sweat and expand your physical stamina to improve functional fitness, cardio endurance, core strength and muscle flexibility. You will leave feeling mentally accomplished and physically inspired.

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Circuit training

This circuit training class is an upbeat HIIT style (High intensity interval training) class that will improve your strength and cardio. There are modifications and progressions for each exercise that will cater to all fitness levels.

Mat Pilates

Join us for a class that focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Attention is paid to under used muscles to better support our more used muscles. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and ages.
class room of individuals doing Mat Pilattes
Mat Pilattes Class

Spartan SGX

Spartan SGX is for anyone who is interested in exercise and improving your physical capabilities. We will work on foundational bodyweight movements, strength, power, agility, and conditioning. This class will benefit all athletes even if you are not training for a Spartan Race.

Strength & Conditioning

Not only will this strength and conditioning class help you get strong , it will help to improve your physical performance. With a mixture of strength and cardio conditioning this is a well rounded class suitable for beginners to advanced fitness level.
several people doing the plank in a circle, giving a high five
Staying positive is the name of the game